Mekko is an Australian company that was born from a love for timeless design, unique, exotic pieces and a desire to create ambience in our daily habitat. 

These qualities combined with a love for travel has inspired the creation of Mekko.

Mekko's maiden collection features a range of products by Anokhi, including quality home décor items and children’s clothing.   Anokhi prints are timeless and have been adored by people from around the globe for more than 40 years.   

Our love for our things and the environment we create around us, expresses who we are.  Often, our love for our things has something to do with the stories we attach to them – memorable evenings around the dinner table, occasions we create and the people we share them with.

Attaching stories to the things that we love makes those items more special and meaningful.  Most of us can remember as children the way the table was set for a dinner party; the quilt that spent 10 years on our bed, or the curtains – furnishings that may have defined the room.   Our favourite things remain etched in our minds.  They give a sense of place and to some extent, provide a sense of who we are.

Mekko’s promise is to supply items that excite, that create mood and add ambience to your environment.  Items that invite new stories to be told and create memories that will live on. 

Mekko ... Timeless, Simple Beauty.